Transform under-performing assets into performing assets.

1. ASSET Performance Audit. One time activity

  • Positioning & Strategy Review
  • Market Segmentation Review
  • Market Intelligence & Competition Analysis
  • Revenue Management Strategies
  • Marketing Review
  • Departmental Expense Review
  • Manpower/HR Practices Review
  • Operational Departments – Process Review
  • Guest Services Review
  • One-time Mystery audit
  • Detailed Recommendations


  • Execution of plans formulated from strategic asset review
  • Asset Repositioning and Re-setting
  • Revenue & Capex Budget
  • Optimize Market Segmentation for the Asset
  • Oversee Sales and Marketing Activities
  • Oversee Revenue Management Strategies
  • Optimize Departmental Expenses
  • Optimize Human Resource Allocation
  • Evaluation and Improvisation of Internal Processes
  • Renovation Planning & Support


  • Positioning & Strategy Review
  • Revenue Budget Review and Forecasting
  • Capital Planning & Investment
  • Monthly Meeting with Operations Team
  • Evaluation of Internal Processes
  • In-depth Analysis of Internal and Industry Benchmark Data


  • Short and Long-term gains for hotel investors.
  • Improved Revenues, Reduced Costs, Improved business cashflows.
  • Improvement in EBITDA, Increase in the valuation of the asset.
  • Subject matters Experts advice - Engineering, Procurement, Human resource, Internal controls, hotel operations, sales, revenue management, online & offline marketing, real estate finance, cost centre optimization, working relationship with operator, management agreements, annual budgeting exercise, manpower allocation.